You might not have realised it in the title, but the pun was intended. The saying goes that “patience is a virtue”, but what of our patients?

The most recent figures substantiate that our hospitals are struggling to cope with growing number of patients. The rising strain has resulted in an alarming increase in the number patient fatalities who are passing before they have even reached the operating table. This revelation is attributable to those in dire straits being placed on the never ending and dreaded “List”.

Last year was the most tragic faced by Melbournians, with 841 patient fatalities as a result of an ever growing waiting period. This equates to more than 16 of our fellow citizens passing away a week due to lack of resources!

The amount of families who have had to witness the avoidable passing of a loved one’s waiting for life saving surgery had increased by a staggering 41%. Unfortunately, the outlook in 2014 suggests an even higher growth in mortalities.

My question to you is whether we stand aside and allow more of our companions to pass or we take matters into our own hands to protect and ensure the ongoing health of those we love?

At Guardian Network we have made our decision, and we have made it as easy as 1300 WE CARE for you.

We have left no rock unturned and have not spared any expense in our efforts to tackle this growing issue. After intense efforts Guardian Network is proud to announce the launch of our new nursing care, palliative care and post-acute care divisions in addition to our extensive range of existing services to help those in need and prolong a healthy and happy life.

We offer a full range of services from the comfort of your home. Whether you’re waiting for or are recovering from surgery, Guardian Network has handpicked the most competent, capable and professional division one, registered nurses and personal carers who are eager to lend a helping hand.

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