We’ve all heard that tale of the boy who cried wolf. Unfortunately staff at some nursing facilities never quiet grasped the moral of that fable.

At Guardian Network, despite receiving daily false alarms, we never EVER take the cries of help for granted. Regrettably, for an elderly woman at the Cambridge Aged Care Group Homes, such courtesy was not extended. Her calls for help where never heeded after she had slipped in the bath and broken her neck. The woman’s daughter has revealed that nursing staff shrugged off her mother’s pleas and disregarding the basic protocol of calling an ambulance. Another resident, who herself is a care recipient, sympathised with the victim, in her 90’s, and called the ambulance while unbeknown to the facility staff.

It was only upon making her routine call did the lady’s daughter discover what had unraveled. The daughter explained that “they came in and didn’t call an ambulance, they just put her to bed and she just kept screaming”. The victim was quoted by the Sunday Herald Sun as stating to her daughter “I screamed and screamed. I slipped on the floor”.

Several days after admission into hospital the poor lady passed away.

This raises the question that one can’t help ask: “if our dearest’ aren’t getting the care that these facilities should be providing, above what we can give them at home, what is the point?”

Currently the amount of people reliant on aged care services is 1 million and is set to climb to 3.5 million by 2050. These costs are set to soar from $10 to $50 billion with the average Australians lifespan increasing by 25 years from a century ago. How, then, will these facilities all cope? Will services improve?

It is obvious that older Australians are not getting the quality of care and support that they deserve. Government findings have revealed, that this is in spite of the fact that that our oldest and wisest are prepared to contribute more to the cost of their care provided that they get a better deal with more transparency, a higher level of quality and choice.

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