I’ve given enough now I want my share!

You would think that after a lifetime of giving and paving the way for the future generation, senior citizens would get the hard earned care that they deserve. Well let us tell you how the government has left our seniors high and dry. The scalpel will cut deep in to many sectors which our seniors so heavily depend on. These include mental health, palliative care and hospitals.

Our elders are not all who stand to suffer. Our young sprouts are also set to lose with the Royal Children’s Hospital being forced to axe 50 Jobs, cancel 300 operations, 26 beds and 19 day chairs.

This kerfuffle has all come about as a result of a government budget fallout which will see the claw back of 470 million from Victoria’s health budget over the next four years. A guardian of two young tikes, Moira Kelly, who have fallen victim to the governments bickering is fed up with the government! She was quoted in the Herald Sun stating that “They should stop the squabbling, find the money from somewhere else and put it back into caring for the lives of sick people and children”.
One caped crusader against fight against the government has been Victorian Health Minister David Davis who has express “the risk is that hospitals will have to close theaters over summer, reduce capacity and put off staff.”

Starting on the 7th of December a year’s worth of cutbacks will be compressed rolling out in the last seven months of the financial year.

Guardian Network do, however, offer some consolation and are more than happy to step in and support the wider community back to their feet. We are proud to announce the expansion of our palliative care and nursing divisions allowing us to offer you even more support at a higher level of care. We understand the hardship faced by many as a result of the government fallout. With beds closing, operations cancelled and jobs lost across hospitals all over Victoria, we would like to offer our support to those who may not fare so well. We can help support you if you are lost on a hospital waiting list by providing essential support services from the comfort of home where you will be the sole focus of our caring staff.

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