TWO generations of the same family living in an old people’s home is the looming reality of Australia’s ageing demographic, according to Australia’s former defence chief Peter Cosgrove.

The former military boss, now chair of Leading Age Services Australia, says the nation is far from battle-ready in coping with the onslaught of old age.

“The scenario of the 98-year-old mum and the 78 year-old-daughter both in an aged care facility is not at all outlandish,” General Cosgrove said.

“The mum might be in high care and the daughter in low care but they are both requiring some form of care.”

But millions of Australians who hit the age of 60 in the next few years will have several decades of life ahead of them, and many will eventually need high levels of care.

General Cosgrove is also part of the “sandwich generation,” caring for an infirmed relative in aged care while still having an adult child at home.

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